Honey is being used since ancient times. The benefits of honey have also been mentioned prominently in Ayurveda. For your information, let us tell you that honey is a liquid made by bees from the nectar of flowers. You can use honey in any form, it is equally beneficial for health.

Honey has got the status of a medicine in Ayurveda and now people all over the world have started using honey for sweetness as well. Many scientific research done on honey in the last few decades confirms its properties as mentioned in Ayurveda.

Honey Benefits

Just before using it, make sure to check whether the honey being used is real or adulterated, because eating adulterated honey can cause many harm to health. For your information, let us tell you that real honey is very thick and when put in water, it does not dissolve easily, but settles at the bottom, whereas fake honey dissolves quickly in water.

Nutrients found in honey:

Honey Benefits

Honey is a storehouse of essential vitamins,  nutrients,  and, minerals. Fructose is mainly found in honey. Apart from this, carbohydrates, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-6, vitamin C and amino acids are also found in it. There is absolutely no fat, fiber and protein in honey.

Medicinal properties of honey:

Honey is considered useful in the treatment of diseases, This is why honey is considered to have medicinal properties. This is the reason that honey has been considered a medicine since ancient times. In today’s time, mainly people use honey to improve the skin, keep digestion right, increase immunity power, reduce weight etc.

Apart from this, honey has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, due to which it is also very effective in healing wounds or providing quick relief from injury.

In this article, Ayurvedic Best Health Care Tips are explaining in detail about the advantages, disadvantages and methods of use of honey. Let’s know:

Method of eating honey

Most people know about the benefits of honey, but are confused about how and when to eat honey. For your information, let us tell you that you can consume honey in many ways. You can eat one to two teaspoons of honey daily or consume it by mixing it with milk.

Apart from this, consuming honey with lukewarm water on an empty stomach is considered very useful in reducing weight. Some people also consume lemon mixed with lukewarm water and honey. Then follow the methods given below or use according to the advice of the doctor.

Honey Benefits

Benefits of honey Best Health Care Tips

In view of the benefits of honey, it is considered like nectar in Ayurveda. Honey is equally beneficial for everyone from small children to elders. It is very beneficial for the survivors, young and old.  Eating honey regularly increases immunity, which prevents many types of infectious diseases.

About the major benefits of honey.

 Benefits of honey for cough:

If your cough does not go away for several days, it is an effective home remedy for cough retirement. The antibacterial properties present in honey prevent the infection from progressing further, as well as it dilutes the phlegm, which allows the phlegm to come out easily. Especially those who are troubled by dry cough, they get quick relief from honey.

Method of intake: You can consume honey in two ways to get relief from cough.

Method 1: Before sleeping at night, mix one spoon of honey in lukewarm water and drink it. Along with thinning the mucus, it gives quick relief from cough.

Method 2: A drink prepared with ginger and honey is also effective in relieving cough.

Benefits of honey for burn

Using honey is very beneficial even if the skin is cut or peeled. The antiseptic properties present in honey heal the burn quickly and also protect the skin from infection.

Honey Benefits

How to use: If you have got a slight scratch on your skin or some area is slightly burnt, then apply honey on that area. It reduces irritation and prevents infection in that area.

Helpful in reducing weight (uses of honey for weight loss):

In addition to controlling weight, it also lowers cholesterol levels in the body.  For your information, let us tell you that there is no fat in honey at all. It controls weight as well as lowers the body’s cholesterol level.  Therefore, consume honey regularly.

Consumption method: Take a glass of lukewarm water mixed with a spoonful of honey every morning on an empty stomach. Do not eat anything for 30 – 45 minutes after drinking. You can also add the juice of half a lemon to this mixture.

Benefits of honey for immunity power

Honey is high in essential antioxidants. The antioxidants present in it are very beneficial for the heart and protect against many types of heart-related diseases. In addition, the main function of honey is to boost the body’s immunity. Having a strong immune system prevents many types of infectious diseases.

Consumption method: Mix one teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm water on an empty stomach every morning. Do not eat anything for 30 – 45 minutes after drinking.

Honey for healing wounds:

Flavonoids, phenolic acids and lysozymes present in honey have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent inflammation and repair damaged tissues and cells. Due to these properties, it helps in quick healing of wounds.

Method of use: Apply honey directly on the wound area and if there is a burning sensation in the wound, then mix rose water in honey and apply it directly on the affected area.

 Sore Throat:

(Uses of honey for throat): Sore throat is also included in the list of benefits of honey. It not only provides relief from cough and cold, but also if you have a sore throat or sore throat, you can also get relief by consuming honey.

Method of intake: To get quick relief from sore throat, mix one to two spoons of honey in one spoon of ginger juice and consume it twice a day.

 Uses of honey for constipation

If you suffer from constipation, understand that you are inviting many other ailments. Constipation is the root cause of many stomach related problems. Honey reduces the absorption of fructose in the body, due to which you can also use it to relieve constipation. In addition to relieving constipation, it also relieves flatulence and gas problems.

Consumption method: To get relief from constipation, take a glass of lukewarm milk mixed with a spoonful of honey every night before sleeping.

 Benefits of honey for skin (Uses of honey for skin): The benefits of honey are not just limited to boosting digestion and immunity, but it also helps in improving the skin. Honey has properties that absorb the moisture from the surroundings and help in retaining the moisture of the skin.

Remember that instead of eating it, it is applied to the skin to improve it. You can use honey for the skin in many ways. Here we are describing some of the main methods of use:

Usage method:

A- For those with dry skin: Take a spoonful of honey and apply it on the dry part of the skin. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes and then wash with cold water.

B- For the glow of the skin: To increase the glow of the face, use a face pack prepared from honey. In general, face packs made with honey and lemon, honey and milk, honey and banana and honey and yogurt are more beneficial.

Use of honey for hair :

Dry hair causes hair to fall out quickly. It removes free radicals and prevents hair loss from prolonged exposure to sunlight or any harmful chemicals. Honey also gives proper nutrition to the hair.

Method of use: You can use honey in many ways for hair.

A- Make a hair mask by mixing honey with curd and apply it on the hair. It nourishes the damaged hair.

B-Hair masks made of honey and eggs repair damaged hair.

C- The mixture of honey and aloe vera helps in hair growth.

Benefits of honey for acne

Xylose and sucrose present in honey reduce water activity and inhibit the growth of bacteria. Because of this honey is very useful in removing acne.

Method of use: Before sleeping at night, take a small amount of honey and apply it directly on the acne and let it dry overnight. Rinse with cold water the next morning.

Precautions related to the harm and consumption of honey

Honey Benefits

(side effects of honey):

Benefits of honey So now you all have come to know but do you know that the consumption of honey can also cause some disadvantages? Yes, if you eat honey in excess quantity or mix it with wrong things, then you may have to face the loss of honey (shahad ke nuksan).

Let us know what are the disadvantages of honey and under what circumstances or with what things honey should not be consumed.

Avoid consuming too much:

If you are consuming honey as a normal food, then one to two spoonfuls is sufficient throughout the day and if you are using it as medicine or for the skin, then consume it according to the dosage prescribed by the doctor. and use.

Consuming excessive amounts of honey can have side effects and can lead to nausea and vomiting and, in some cases, diarrhea.

Do not feed honey to a child (Bellow 1 year):

In modern medical practice, it is believed that children below one year of age should not be fed honey. This can put children at risk for botulism. Therefore, if you want to feed honey to a child less than one year old, then first consult a doctor.

People allergic to pollen grains should avoid:

If you are allergic to pollen grains then you should avoid consuming or using honey. According to research, people who are allergic to pollen grains, if they use honey, their allergy can increase further.

People with sensitive skin should avoid:

If your skin is very sensitive, then do not apply honey directly, but dilute it by adding rose water or milk to honey and then apply it on the skin. The mixture of milk and honey is considered to be very beneficial for the skin.

Uncontrolled blood sugar level: The question remains in the mind of many people that can diabetic patients consume honey? Or is the consumption of honey more beneficial for diabetic patients than sugar? For your information, let us tell you that people who have diabetes under control can consume honey as food.

Honey Benefits

Consumption of honey increases the immunity of the body, which prevents problems caused by diabetes. But keep in mind that if your sugar level remains uncontrolled, then avoid the consumption of honey. Diabetic patients must consult a doctor before consuming honey.

Blood pressure patients: If you are already taking antihypertensive medicines, then keep checking your blood pressure daily while eating honey.

Do not take ghee and honey in equal quantity:

Ayurveda recommends not to consume equal amounts of ghee and honey together. In Ayurveda, it has been kept in the category of virudha diet. Therefore, do not consume honey in equal quantity with ghee.

During pregnancy and lactation:

Although the benefits of honey are useful for people of all ages, but during pregnancy and breastfeeding, you should consume it in limited quantities. If you want to consume honey as a medicine, then do it according to the advice of a gynecologist.

Do not drink by putting in hot water:

While drinking honey mixed with lukewarm water, always keep in mind that the water should not be boiling at all and never boil honey by adding it in water because these also come in the category of against diet. Therefore, always use honey with normal temperature water or lukewarm water.

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